Bobcat Advantage

Bobcat Advantage Videos for Compact Excavators

It has never been this easy to compare compact excavator (mini excavator) brands side by side.

The Bobcat Advantage website for compact excavators features short video segments with various comparisons and tests. You can quickly evaluate performance, features, attachments and overall quality. Watch Bobcat® compact excavators face off against other brands including Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu and Kubota.

Visit the site to fully experience the Bobcat Advantage, or watch individual videos below.

Performance Videos

  • Digging Challenge: Watch compact excavators face off in a two-minute trench digging test.
  • Lifting Challenge: Learn which brand has the best capacity to power through the dig and out of the trench.
  • Slew Challenge: See which machine has the most power to quickly move material.
  • Travel Challenge: Discover which brand is the fastest at maneuvering a typical jobsite.
  • Backfill Challenge: Evaluate maneuverability, pushing power and tractive effort as the machine changes directions.
  • Hydraulic Horsepower Challenge: Learn how hydraulic flow and pressure contribute to true usable hydraulic horsepower.

Uptime Protection Videos

  • Entry Comparison: Determine which cab entry has the largest opening and fewest obstructions.
  • Boom Advantages: See how boom designs make a difference as you dig against a wall or object.
  • Multifunctioning Advantages: Find out which brands make it easy to control machine functions and multi-task.
  • Keyless Start: Evaluate the keyless start advantages including no forgotten keys and reduced risk of unauthorized use.
  • Made in the USA: Compare where different compact excavator brands are manufactured
  • Hose Routing Comparison: Determine which compact excavator has the best hose routing and protection.
  • Serviceability Comparison: Discover which compact excavators make it easy to perform routine maintenance.

Quality Design Videos

Bobcat Advantage Videos for Compact Track Loaders

When you compare compact track loaders, published specs don’t tell the full story.

That’s why the Bobcat Advantage website was created. These short video segments make it easy to evaluate performance, reliability, maintenance and overall quality. Watch Bobcat® compact track loaders face off against other brands including Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota and Takeuchi.

Visit the site to fully experience the Bobcat Advantage, or watch individual videos below.

Performance Videos

Uptime Protection Videos

Quality Design Videos

Bobcat Advantage Videos for Attachments

Many attachment brands may appear the same, but that doesn’t mean they deliver equal performance. Genuine Bobcat® attachments offer unmatched design, quality, toughness and peace of mind.

In these Bobcat Advantage videos, you can assess the productivity, features and overall quality of Bobcat attachments as they’re compared to other brands. Watch video comparisons for augers, buckets, grapples, pallet forks and soil conditioners.


  • Auger Digging Depth Challenge: With better design and geometry, Bobcat augers help you dig deeper. Watch how other brands compare.
  • Auger Torque Challenge: All augers have published torque ratings, but performance on the jobsite matters most. Evaluate the difference.


  • Bucket Backs Comparison: Which buckets have the most reinforcement in the right places? Compare them in this video.
  • Bucket Bottoms Comparison: On some buckets, the cutting edge will flex or permanently bow. See how the strong Bobcat waffle-plate design makes a difference.
  • Bucket Customization Comparison: With many Bobcat buckets, it’s easy to add teeth, grapples and other options. Watch how others compare.
  • Bucket Strength: See how different buckets react to the forces typically placed upon them by a loader.

Industrial Grapples

Pallet Forks

  • Pallet Fork Strength: This test evaluates frame and tine strength. See why Bobcat pallet forks exceed the industry benchmarks.

Soil Conditioners